Identity design
Bai advertising company is engaged in placing your advertisement in the most popular places of the city.

Company is engaged in the production of wooden toys with Italian design.
Under the brand name "Big Wolf", a team of like-minded people from Beijing creates and produces educational toys and board games that promote intellectual, mental and general development of children.
Is a young company that deals with the logistics of goods from China.
Marketing Atelier brings together people from all over the world for a successful collaboration between the East and the West.
Is a manufacturer of fishing tackle and accessories.
For more than 15 years the Easy France Pass team has been providing full support for business immigration to France.
The company's goal is to make comfortable and reliable electric transport accessible to everyone,popularize it in Russia.
New brand of children's products, toys and construction kits .
Manufacturer of photo and video traps for hunters and wildlife lovers.
Manufacturer of household appliances and rechargeable batteries
The Russian Business Community Council of China - the leading Russian business association in China, provides a platform for communication and cooperation for Russian companies developing in China, assists in the development of China-Russian business, and expands the economic cooperation prospects between the companies of the two countries.
The main activities of Ural Locomotives are the design, production, sale and maintenance of new-generation traction-car rolling stock, characterized by increased efficiency, high consumer, operational and environmental properties.
A street football team consisting of talented guys who do not have a basic club for development
The company is engaged in the production of accessories for pets.