Drinking hydrogen water is the most common way to treat diseases. The concept of hydrogen-rich water came from Japan. In 2013, the market size in Japan reached 200 billion yen. Beijing Hydrovita has acquired the main technology to overcome the difficulties associated with the insolubility of hydrogen in water, and became the first company in China to produce water rich in hydrogen. In the studio we developed a package for water enriched with hydrogen in a minimalistic and concise style, which looks equally advantageous on the shelves in the pharmacy and on the counter of the store. The amount of hydrogen content in water is different: 1.1, 1.8, and 2.0. So that the buyer could visually distinguish these indicators we came up with a color code for the packaging - from light to dark. The higher the hydrogen content — the darker the color of the package, while the package still looks "light" and informative.