In the studio, we created the steamed bun packaging specifically for the local market in Xinjiang. At night, when the whole city of Urumqi is asleep, the "Arman" factory prepares delicious steamed buns, and early in the morning, they are delivered to the shops — so the buns from Arman are always fresh. For the design of the vacuum packaging, which keeps the baking fresh all day we used the graphic style used in the design of European bakeries. This is a pattern-print with hand-drawn buns, croissants, baguettes, wheatears and names of bakery products in different languages. The color scheme is dominated by one bright color with monochrome extras, which makes the packaging very "home". In order for the customer to appreciate the freshness of the products, we left as much space as possible on the packaging for a transparent window. This way the buyer can always see and make sure of the freshness of these delicious buns.